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A Better Merchant Processor For You

Yes, a Better Merchant Processing to accept credit cards for your business efforts.

Fast and easy approval for digital and e-commerce marketers. GroovePay™ is the leading merchant account solution for online and eCommerce businesses by offering world class value and service.

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  • You Deserve A Reliable Online Credit Card Processor That's Affordable?

    At GroovePay we believe you will appreciate our...

    Fast Acceptance

    Easy Setup & Integration

    Lowest Rates Possible

    Why Choose Us?

    Billions of dollars of e-commerce processing history means that important relationships is our business focus. We are the Jerry Maguire’s of the merchant processing world. We work for your interests.

    Fast Same Day Approvals

    Start processing soon. Apply now and get your welcome email in as little as 20 minutes in most cases. Need to talk us about your business model first? Contact us with the links above.

    Easy Integrations

    Works with every platform and gateway like Authorize.net, NMI and more.

    Real Relationships

    Sleep better knowing you’re in good hands. Emergency or urgent situation? We are just a phone call away nearly anytime of day or night. We go to bat for you.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our relations and volume allow us to put more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

    Super Fast Deposits

    Super fast deposits mean you can begin using your profits sooner rather than later.

    No Long Term Contracts

    We won't lock you into long drawn out contracts. Pay month to month. Cancel anytime.

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    See How We Compare


    Unlike the others, we have no list of fees.

    See why smart business owners choose GroovePay™.

    No Fine Print

    Flat Rate Pricing

    You shouldn't have to be an accountant to figure out your PayPal, or other Merchant Account billing, right?

    Are you aware that PayPal, and many other merchant processors all charge different rates for USA and Non-USA? Making a sale in Mexico? PayPal for instance is 4.40% plus $4.00 USD where we are the same flat rate. 2.85 plus $0.25. Don’t be fooled by the low BANNER price and pay more in the fine print.

    Same Per Transaction Fees. You will also pay us only $0.25 per transaction. With PayPal and others it can be as high as $10 per transaction plus the processing fee.

    The Volume Pricing Myth. Don’t get fooled by old articles online. PayPal no longer offers volume pricing.

    With GroovePay™, we have lower rates and no gateway fees.

  • You Are 3 Easy Steps Away From Getting The Best Processing

    With experience in over half a billion dollars in annual processing, no one has more experience in processing for digital and physical products than our team.  After you apply and are accepted, you can reach out to our team anytime for assistance. 

    Step #1

    Apply Today. Simply fill out our easy to follow application.

    Step #2

    Get approved. Fast approvals allow you to get processing sooner.

    Step #3

     Start Selling.  Sales can be run as soon as you activate your account.

    Who Can We Help

    Historically, we’ve partnered with and processed the payments for the Who’s Who of the internet marketing and e-commerce communities.  We can certainly help you with the same great service.

    Digital Marketers

    Influencers, Educators, Passion Project Experts, Launch Gurus.


    Physical Products, Print-On-Demand, Drop Shippers

    Health and Wellness

    Fitness, Diet, Nutritional, Health Marketing Educators


    Influencers, Educators, Passion Project Experts, Launch Gurus.

    Live Events

    Physical Products, Print-On-Demand, Drop Shippers

    Software Services

    SAAS, Online Software, Apps, Desktop Software

    Small Business

    IBrick And Mortar, Salons, Storefronts, Food Services.

    Professional Services

    B2B, Agencies, Accounting, Advertising, Legal.

    NonProfit Organizations

    Charities, Schools, Associations, Clubs, Foundations,  Groups, Events, Religous.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need a Merchant Account?

    A merchant account allows you to have the full payment processing abilities of large businesses, offering you flexibility and protection that isn't always found with "light" versions payment processing options.

    What if I am already taking PayPal?

    Besides pricing advantages, having a bank sponsored merchant account gives you credibility with your customers and offers payment options to your customers who do not want to use PayPal.

    What if I am already using Shopify Payments?

    If you're using Shopify Payments, then you already know the high cost involved. Add a real merchant account option to your backend in order to save money on your processing fees.

    What if I am already have a merchant account?

    That's fantastic! We are always seeking out merchants who have current processing that need better rates and better service. In addition, most marketers have several merchant accounts as backups.

    Why do so many experts recommend having backup merchant accounts?

    Online ecommerce merchants and digital marketers often times experience large swings in processing volume, leading to merchant account providers placing holds or restrictions on your accounts. GroovePay™ partners with processing entities who understand our merchants, their business and online sales that fluctuate.

    Should I have a different merchant account for each product (brand/website) that I sell?

    Yes. Avoid chargebacks and disputes that arise from using generic business names when you sell online. It is advisable to keep your merchant accounts, and branding/websites in alignment so that a customer recognizes the name of your brand/website/product immediately.

    What is a Relationship Payment Provider?

    We are the Jerry Maguire of the Merchant Processing Business. GroovePay™ functions as a relationship payment provider, using our base of merchants and knowledge of the industry to develop strong relationships with our preferred payments partners. We understand the peaks and valleys in online sales, often acting as a mediator on behalf of GroovePay™ merchants with our preferred payments partners. Our background in ecommerce and risk management gives us unique leverage and the ability to speak in payment processing language to our preferred payments partners.

    Do you offer High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

    Yes. If you need a merchant account for live events, call centers, high-end coaching. We can help. If you have had processing problems in the past we may still be able to help. Prior Reserves? We can help. Lost your PayPal or Stripe? We can help. Bad credit? We can help. We have made connections for any need.

    What if I live outside the USA?

    For Non-US businesses we can also help. If you’re in Canada and even if you’re a startup. We can also help you if you’re in the UK, European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

    Can I sell to a global market?

    Sell to anyone with a credit card all over the world. Whether you are selling to someone in Italy, or Down-Unda, Australia, Mexico – it’s no fuss with us. Again, as long as your buyer is not on the USA’s naughtly list of bad countries, GroovePay™ is for you..

    Do you work with GrooveKart™, GroovePages™, GrooveSell™, Kartra, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart, WooCommerce etc?

    Yes. We work with all of these online platforms, and many others. We will work on your behalf to make sure your online payment processing is smooth and reliable.

    Is this really a payment solution to replace my other merchant providers and PayPal?

    Yes, it is for new and experienced online merchants alike. We can even help you apply for American Express in the same application. Fast Approval, No Reserves, No Holdback, Domestic Bank, Next-Day Deposits

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